Sunday, August 27, 2006

FRANTIC by the sea....

hover overhead while the temperature remains humid..
..Signs of rain forthcoming?
I really have no idea.....
I haven't monitored the weather forecast this morning...
I was busy answering the mails and the translations requested by my Bosses....
Early this morning[around 7...long before the offices open!]
I have been receiving frantic calls [ang dami, eh!]from the Manager asking me to translate!
I was thinking of turning the celfone off again [auto-0n is 7 am!]
para makapag-relax muna...SANA!
But I guess I have to answer it lest magtaka sila sa opisina...
Baka tawagan pa ang office ni Jiji
mas makakaabala sa mga taga-jimusho.
Anywayz, madali ang trabaho,
kaya lang walang oras!
OH well......
Smiley Sunglasses

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