Friday, August 04, 2006

BAD Habits-vs.-GOOD Manners

Bad habits are termed as one that is offensive to another;
a habit that does not conform with the normal norm or standard accepted in polite society.
While Good Manners are socially-accepted norms in any civilized society.
There are many individuals with bad habits we see around
as compared to well-mannered ones.
Some may be too offensive to write but nevertheless,
makes the doer repugnant to watch, hear or see.
Bad habits range from the simple to the most complex, depending on the one who watch.
I guess most of them have never been properly trained by their parents
or the proper agencies, like the school, the church or whatever association they belong to.
A child, they say must be trained at an early age.
The Bible says it all:
"Train a child in the way you want them to bes so that when they grow old,
they will not depart from it."
Anything learned by a child at this age[0-6/7y/o],
when their minds and hearts are most malleable,have long-lasting effect,
psycholigists claim.
I agree with this concept.
Child-rearing starts the day when as child begins to
follow simple directions from his/her parents.
This is reinforced every day since then.
The idea is for the child to be ready when
the parents release him to the outside world:
that is when the child begins to associate with others in school[7y/o].
By this time, his/her manners have basic foundation.
Growing up with great manners is a big plus to a person.
It prepares him/her to be a better and productive citizen of his country and the world.
Lately, we see a lot of people whose
manners show whenever they speak, write, or
by simply watching them from a distance.
to which group do you belong?

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