Friday, August 11, 2006


I have been quite busy today.
I woke up early
[actually, walang kaba!]
and prepared to go to the Licensing Center nearest my
JIKKA [family ancestral home].
With everything prepared: papers, Philippine Driver's License,
ID pix and documents to prove that I have been driving in Inang Bayan
since I can remember, I set off to conquer the tests.
As expected, I arrived early,
but looking at the parking space in front of the Licensing Center,
I may be the 15th or so in the line....
After paying for the test,
and assessment of my papers,
I waited for my name to be called.
Then I had this interview:
in Nippongo by an elderly Policeman
in this region.
He asked details of the way I got my student permit,
to the time I got my Non-Pro License.
He veered into details, mind you.
He asked what car type,
how long I had the actual driving test;
how long the written test was,
what was the passing % percentage,
and how much I paid.
He even delved into what type of test I took.
Sa atin naman, alam naman ninyo ang kalakaran, db?
Di hamak na napakadali!
So ayon, Q=A lahat....
At last, it went off nice and I was asked to wait
Later, a visual test was conducted.
That includes colors to determine color blindness, I guess.
This put me off a little, becoz my right eyes do not come
20/20. I really have problem with this.
But all went well, I guess.
The officer led us to the driving course.
He showed us the route to be taken,
and showed these via maps around the waiting lounge.
Since it was already 12 NN, he asked us to be back at 1300HRS
for the actual driving test!
I was feeling queasy
and cannot eat.
So what I did was walk my way through the course.
I followed the path as I remembered
from the Police Officer's instruction.
Later at exactly 1300 hrs.,
3 white cars came by and stopped at Stop #4,5 and 6.
I was called to go to #5.
That terror Nakamura-san was my examiner!
And I was the first!
I did what I was taught by friends and my Jiji.
Being a Pro-Driver here, he teaches me now and then.
First, I checked the car, back and front:
then looked at the back, before I entered the car.
I sat and adjusted the seat,
the rear-view mirror, and the side mirrors.
SINADYAng iniba, para malaman kung talagang matino kang magmaneho.
Yung tamang paraan ba...
Et cetera....
I didn't have problems with the S curve and the L- cut
hairpin curves. I passed them with flying colors, I believe.
Walang comment, eh.
So ganun lang.....
I drove for several minutes...
UNTIL that happened!
Maybe becoz I was under pressure,
I was a bit late stepping on the Brake pedal
and bring the car to a total stop
at one corner.
The police-examiner Nakamura-san howled at me!
ONE corner lang.....
Kung pwede lang magmura at sumigaw rin,
ginawa ko na.
Pero dahil sa ako ang examinee,
bow na lang!
As expected,
ALL of us in that group failed.
AKO lang ang Pinay sa group namin.
Puro mga Brasiliero/a silang lahat!
The only consolation I have, is that
no one,
even the Japanese themselves.....
have ever passed a Driving Examination
ng Take 1! !
All of them are repeaters!
IF I make it in two or three takes,
then I am a VERY very GOOD Driver!
I am scheduled to take another chance
exactly a week from now!
Wish me well, will ya?
Biker Babe

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