Tuesday, August 08, 2006


  • Who's the cheat?

  • Who's the midget?

  • Who pays her pal?
There you go!

Got the answer? It's easy, actually. You can see her face in almost all of the Dailies in the Metropolis. She, whose hands cannot stop touching money wherever it may be: OWWA fund, Fertilizer Fund, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera....

The midget, payor, cheater, aka: glueria macapal-arrovo does ALL the work.
She even makes it a point to call garci
of the famed "yung dagdag, yung dagdag" series.

There she is gagging and making "gago" not only of the Legislative branch of the government,
but also the entire nation. She issued a directive to her alipores saying they cannot testify, talk, be interviewed by anyone, without prior clearance from her office. Now she says that the impeachment proceedings in Bastusang Pambansa [What an apt description, Manolo Quezon!] cannot be televised as it "may hamper the proceedings."

Hanggang saan tayo magtitis?

JUST-TIIS na lang ba?

Nasaan na ang JUSTICE!?

Wala na nga, wala.

Marami lang ng cheats, and cheaters;
Karamihan nasa COMELEC.

Marami rin ang payees....
Punta kayo sa House of RepresentaTHIEVES.

Pero iisa ang midget na sumira sa Bayan!

Matabunan ka nawa ng bulkang sumabog.

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