Saturday, July 01, 2006


Grabe ang hihip ng hangin...
Ganun naman talaga sa parteng ito....
Reminds me of Puget Sound: always misty, always cold.
ENSHU area in the TOKAI REGION is known for its gusty winds.
It is located near the sea, which makes the place great for surfers.
The trouble is, I don't surf.
But I love to watch the surfers fight their way and be in harmony with the waves.
It's as if the wind and the waves work together and push the surfers all towards the beach.....
ON Sundays and holidays,winter or summer days...
the seaside is filled with surfers and sailboats of all kinds.
These days, the shores are filled with sunbathers of all sizes, mostly Brazilians.
The Japanese will fill 'em, all upcome summer break, I suspect.
Ahhh...the cold winds fill me with unknown energy
as I walk barefoot on the sands.
Too early for a dip but quite invigorating to savor the force these winds bring.
It's as if
THE WINDS OF GOD is with me....
*BTW, I saw the movie with the same title [The Winds of God] two nights ago.

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