Sunday, July 02, 2006

BEATLEMANIA in Japan.....

....still alive?
O, W0W!
Forty years hence, Japanese fans [those in their 50s-60s]
still reel from the fad that swept the world in the 60s.
I know....Jiji [who was in his 30s then]
watched with awe as documentaries filled the tube this past week.
The old film showed the Beatles from the time they stepped out of the JAL plane
that brought them here, to the time they left.
Even the HAPI coats the Fav 4 wore were on display
at TV programs commemorating their visit.
They were on loan from the John Lennon collection, I believe.
One can see how important these collections are,
by the way they handle these: they use gloves!
OLD film clips of the Budokan Hall show were shown
and how security was done was discussed in detail by
the former Police Chief in-charge of their protection.
"Can't buy me love......"
"Let It Be...."
Japanese Umbrella

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