Saturday, July 01, 2006

STEAK, for a change!

I was preparing to leave the house to go shopping when out of the blue,
Jiji suggested we eat outside.
He wanted to eat Beef for a change, he said.
I like that!
Siyempre, payag agad ako, noh!
So we took off.
I was on the wheels, and using my car.[Although all cars belong to him, alright!]
He suggested we go to SAWAYAKA,a family resto.
I suggested we buy good KOBE beef,and dine at home, instead.
I explained that restaurants here now use Aussie Beef
and not home-grown beef.
On that line of thought, he agreed.
So off we went to my favorite Supermarket.
We looked for some home-grown beef and found the last two- 250 gms. each.
I took some fresh mushrooms, broccoli,and carrots.
I put in a small bottle of Steak Sauce with DAIKON OROSHI[grated raddish].
Along the way, I saw Jiji get some SHOCHU[alak yan, 'to!]
while I filled my basket with my usual juice and some fresh milk.
Going back home........
I prepared the grills
and, of course, the steak at minasahe ko muna sila,
para maging masarap kuno, [according to Aling Bening, Nanay's long-time Cook].
Jiji was all praises, and gobbled 'em all up.
Drink Wine
He likes his Steak medium rare,
while mine was well-done.
I took time savoring the juicy home-grown beef....Hmmmm....

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