Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Baliw talaga itong KITA CHOSEN!
Nagpalabas ng missiles,
at pang-anim na
as of Wednesday morning,
July 5, JST.
For those who do not know,
the Japanese refer to the NORTH KOREANS
ALL of the missiles
landed at the Sea of Japan....
the nearest being some kilometers away from HOKKAIDO,
the northernmost island of Japan.
The missiles reached
600 kilometers....
and can be seen
as they drop from the seashores
of Niigata, and other Prefectures
along the Sea of Japan.
This regime of Kim Jong Il
has the nerve!
They can't even feed properly its
citizens, yet,
they spend time and money to
finance nuclear technology!
Washington analysts say that
the move to fire these missiles
on the Fourth of July
is a message to gain leverage against the US
on talks about neclear disarmament.
We condemn these provocative acts of
North Korea!

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