Thursday, June 22, 2006


More and more Pinoys are leaving for work abroad.
I know!
A very dear kamag-anak have been employed by the United Nations
to go to war-torn countries and help these laid-back countries
operate/manage their day-to-day lives.
Ganun pala yung working for the UN:
wala silang VISA.
Instead, they just bring their passports and
present a letter from the UN.
Pass agad!
OO nga at malaki ang sahod, plus other privileges....
but the RISKS are there...
Besides, there are places where no decent food is available...
He was in Baghdad for a week.
Then I read in the news that there was some bombing in Baghdad some weeks back.
When I called his wife, she told me that he was transferred somewhere in Central Africa.
He told his wife that at times, he relies on the oldreliable Biscuit for meals....
I hope he contacts me so I can send him even light meals
like noodles and other instant meals available here....
I have emailed him, but I wonder:
medyo malabo raw yung Internet connections nila dun.
INGAT na lang sana, kung saan ka man naroroon....
GODSPEED, my dear....
And Be Safe!

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