Thursday, June 29, 2006


Tigers are treasured by Orientals,
especially the Yellow Race.
Some people are also considered Tigers,in their own ways...
The TAIPANs in our midst may be considered Tigers:
they know how to control those around them....
They become bad only when they become greedy and manipulating.....
Most of the Tigers in our midst are people who make a difference in society.
Take Jackie Chan:
He is not only a skilled martial arts practitioner,
he can also make a scene as beautifully executed
as well as make the audience laugh.
He is considered a successful hero in his own right.
He has made contributions in his native place:
on disasters, training of youths, and more...
News have it that he has decided to bequeath half of his millions to Charity.
He has made his mark, so to speak....
Tatay was a Tiger also.
Not only was he named after the Tiger....
he also was sleek and agile in his youth.
He has accomplished, in his short lifetime,
things which the locals have not.
Ahhh I miss the Tigers in our times....
.Tigers who can contribute to society......
not just claim something they did not do.
Am looking for Tigers

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