Monday, June 26, 2006


as I was driving along the embankment
that guards the town from the TENRYUGAWA,
I saw some fire trucks parked along the wide ground from the river.
There were firemen in uniform and were busy doing something that,
to me, seems to be some sort of training.
I have seen this scene before and I have always wondered.....
I asked Hiroko and so went some explanation on the why's.....
It is like this:
Young men, whose age range from 20-35 MUST undergo one-year training
with the Fire Department of their hometown.
The same Law applies in all Japan.
WHY the 20-35 age range?
Kasi nga, mas mabilis kumilos at full of energy pa ang nasa ganitong edad.
Anything goes, sabi nga nila.
Take, for example, TOMOAKI, a good friend.
He is 32 y/o and has made himself available for the one-year training in his town.
He reports every Sunday or...when the Training Officer [a real fireman, himself]says so.
He undergoes the training and must finish it till the year is over.
He receives little remuneration:some cash that could easily go to
his gasoline use in going to-and -from training.
All other expenses and activities are covered by the Fund
given to Fire Department from the National Budget
plusthe special fund alloted by the Municipality/Citythey belong to.
They party twice a year: during the end of their training and
during BONENKAI[end-of the yearThanksgiving Party].
All these are free.
Other than that, they receivenothing more than the uniform they wear while in training.
IF there is a big fire raging on, these trainees must report to the fire area.
Firemen use the paging system installed in strategic places that covers the entire city.
Trainees report as soon as they receive the information anytime of the day
or even at night.
In case they are working,or during working hours....
their Companies allow them to leave their posts.
They only return to their work as soon as the fire has been contained.
The idea is to help preserve,protect their hometown.
Can't help but think, though:lucky are those whose work bring them to other areas....
as in the case of SHINJI,someone I know.
He works for a Transpo Company and his work
takes him to far-places like Tokyo and Osaka.
I think the idea for the youth to serve their respective towns/cities
is a noble idea.
Don't you?

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