Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I almost forgot! I was able to go to APALIT, PAMPANGA
to visit a long-time Friend na doon nakatira.
I went there twice, actually:
Noong una, we just stayed for the day,
and went back home later.
Second time we stayed overnight.
I wanna see and feel the place, sana...
in case some Japanese students want to go with me next Bakasyon ko.
You see, I need an alternative plan/place
para nmn hindi puro nasa Metro sila, ano.
I need a typical Pinoy-style scenery... sana...
At least, Pampanga is nearer than Baguio.
Some of my Visitas are weary of long road travel, that's why.
Eh mas maganda [for me naman, noh!]
to travel by road to the City of Pines
than air travel....
I love to stop and look over those TIENDAs along the highway,
that's why!

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