Tuesday, June 20, 2006


HELLO Bloggers!
After spending two long, hot summer days in Inang Bayan,
I came back to where I have resided for the past 15 years.....
to work, that is......
I took PAL, this time,
kasi may PROMO sila....
Imagine PAL is selling 340 US$+
103US$ tax
as against JAL's
which can reach up to 600US$!!
I thought, para naman makatipid,
why not?
OKs din ang service nila,
but JAL remains a few notches up,
I must say....
So, eto na naman ako,
in the Land of the Rising Sun
to work a little, and to
teach a little
and spend some days
trying to make
my small garden look decent again!
The rains have made
the grass grow faster
and the once-nice looking garden
became a jungle of sorts.
No one, it seems,
took care of it.
And my small pots inside the house!
Tuyo lahat!
Oh well,
I can't blame others,
can't I?
After all, it was I
who went on an unscheduled bakasyon...
I wasn't able to blog while in MManila,
so let's see......
anu-ano na ba ang nabago sa
mundo ng mga bloggers?
It appears that I have a lot to read...

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