Friday, June 30, 2006


I woke up to the sound of rain as it touched the roof....
But I was lulled to sleep again sooner than I thought.
Later, as dawn breaks [quite early these days!]
I heard the croaking frogs from afar.
I live in between the rice fields, on three sides....
and the truck garage on the other.
Beyond the horizon is the TEIBO [levee/embankment]
that separates this village from TENRYUGAWA [TenryuRiver].
Thus, the sound of frogs is a daily dose,especially during rainy days.
Added to that, SUZUME [Swallows] abound and
stay under the trees that separates our home from the neighbor's.
Listening to these make my day!
Sometimes, I tie overripe Bananas[or any other fruit available]
on some branch and see the birds go and take their pick....
But one thing I do not welcome isthe presence of spiders.
While they catch flies and mosquitoes with their presence
[for which I am grateful],
I am bothered by their webs that crisscross my path as I go about my domain.
Sometimes, the webs are so complicated that it becomes difficult to clear them.
Besides, I don't see myself living happily in some Condos on a high-rise building.
I would terribly miss my garden, for one.
Overall, I believe
Don't you?

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