Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I went shopping forsome groceries late this afternoon.
I was just backing up the car when I heard a thud....
I looked at my side mirror and I saw
some roughly-made posts that separates Jiji's property
from our immediate neighbor:a Lola who
is fond of making paraphernalia in- and around- her house.
Lolo said: "Don't mind it; just go on..."
I can't and was about to alight from the car;
He gestured and instead, he did.
I bumped that Lola's post!
Later, upon arriving, I inspected the rear,and lo!
My left-hand bumper
has a small dent and some scratches!!
Lolo assured me not to worry.....
Kotse lang daw yun!
Pede ba yun?
Naiinis ako kay C today!

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