Wednesday, September 19, 2007



The cat is out of the bag!
Joey de V., the Speaker's youngest son by his first marriage, named MikeA. as the mystery man who pointed a finger at him at Wack Wack Golf Club and said: "back off!"
And that is no mystery anymore....

This statement of Joey earned him a series of reactions, naturally.

To the arroyo clan, well, expected na yun: asar sila kay Joey de V. Nag-react pa si Luli, and made allusions to the receding hairline of Joey and his previous addiction daw.

To the people who wanted the truth: this is a good one! Merong malaking isda na tumukoy kay Mike A.

I am inclined to believe Joey de V. Bakit? Kahit na sabihing naging addict itong si Joey deV., eh ano ngayon? He has probably been gone through hell and now is making a difference in his life by doing something for the country!

The hell with Luli! Does she feel beautiful to say those words? She acts as if she is the most sought-after woman in the world! She acts as if she is not a sinner, herself, condemning someone she knows from way back. Kung hindi ba naman, eh,. paano niya [luli-lay] nalaman na adik itong si Joey? Hirit pa, paslo naman!

But Kudos to Joey for saying what we know from the start and saying them where they should be heard: a public forum!




Those opposed to President Arroyo had failed in two instances to muster the minimum number of signatures to impeach her. It's been said that because De Venecia didn't allow any of these attempts to prosper, he got concessions from the Palace, a form of blackmail that the First Gentleman is said to be tired of. Congressmen believe that if De Venecia will give his blessing to any impeachment bid against the President, this can finally prosper.

"Lakas has still the numbers, plus the minority bloc," if Lakas will break its coalition with Kampi to side with De Venecia, said a source in Congress. Lakas has 95 members in the House, while the opposition, including the progressive party-list representatives, has about 30. The smaller parties in the coalition have yet to say where they stand in this controversy.

Congressional employees expect this silent war between the Speaker and the President to "erupt soon." And if it gets uglier, "JDV will do a Villar," one of them said.

In 2000, then Speaker Manuel Villar Jr. skirted the process to approve the impeachment of President Joseph Estrada, who earlier backed his speakership bid. Villar read nonstop and unintelligibly the impeachment decision and banged the gavel to seal it, ignoring objections from the floor.


That, my dears, is the 200 Billion Dollar Q these days.



mschumey07 said...

If push comes to shove, he would. JdV has 50 solid backers in Lakas, add the 33 in the opposition and that's more than enough to impeach Gloria.

Cory said...

Kaya lang...medyo kumakambiyo na si JdeV. Bakit kaya hindi nya gawin ang mag-Joey na lang? Walang takot na harapin anuman ang dumating!