Monday, September 17, 2007


Ang lola, nagpapatawa! Hah-Hah!
Kahit na hindi siya puwedeng humilera kay Pokwang o kay Ai-ai,
(malayo sa kalibre ni Ruffa Mae, anoh! Kahit na sa mukha na lang...ngiii!)mukhang gustong pumapapel na naman nitong
Lola ng mga Sinungaling!

I do not know if unknowingly, or upon advise from her Badvisers....

........or just being plain-gloria, da gah-gah,
she committed another contradiction in her small world of contras.

Soon after Erap's verdict was handed down by Sandiganbayan,

gloria created the Procurement Transparency Group, which will monitor procurement for public projects and report irregularities to the agency heads concerned. She also formed a Pro-performance Infrastructure Monitoring Group.

But what is needed in dealing with the problem of graft and corruption are not new government agencies but resolute action against grafters. We already have many government agencies charged with bringing corrupt officials to justice. What is needed is the political will to go after these officials and not to let up until they are all behind bars. Source: INQ7 Editorial

Transparency daw, oh!
Hindi kaya dapat magsimula yang Transparency na yan sa kanya?

*WHY impose that gag-order among the people summoned for questionings by the Senate?
If one wants tranparency, then why is gloria afraid to face the Senate probe?

*WHY deter people working supposedly-for-the people to face public scrutiny?

*IF she is clean, WHY be afraid to be asked...or explain how things go on with her cabinet?

Transparency? Hah-hah!

Nagpapatawa ang lola!

She should explain first the numerous allegations, scams, goings-on at the military, and more to the people, before she say something as if she is mother incarnate, that lola-of-all-liars!


mschumey07 said...

Sana mabilaukan ang sinungaling na yan.

Cory said...

Naku, sana nga!
Nang mawala na ang kamandag sa Bayan!