Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mekeni, ABE?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently resigned from his post as
Prime Minister. He did so, because it was his responsiblity as head of the ruling party, as head of the Government. He reiterated that word over and over again: responsibility. Spelled rightly, in case some people have forgotten the word, here it is: R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y!

Mr. Abe resigned after a series of flak involving his Cabinet memebers.
His 'men' have been resigning, one after the other and admitted their involvement in some scandals in government.

True to his image as a gentleman and true to his words, Mr. Abe announced his resignations after polls have been resonating the Japanese people's disgust over
the scandals. Besides, Mr. Abe's popularity have been declining, as per the polls being conducted in newspapers and telephone calls. Even men on the streets have been interviewed, parts of which were aired in national television.

Mr. Abe's real intention for the country is beyond doubt, a noble one. He envisions a 'Beautiful Country'...and in fairness, he is a good man. But because he is an 'O-BOCHAMA' or what the Japanese say: A "HAKOU-IRI MUSUKO" [a son who grew up in a box], his conservative plans are not in line with the times.

Even if he was born to moneyed parents, Mr. Abe was often seen [before, as an ordinary lawmaker] as commuting to-and-from work via the train and subway system, in Central Tokyo, an impossible sight for our lawmakers
in -da Pilipins!

the popularity of a mekeni have plunged to all time high, yet, she remains gripping the seat by the Pasig. Scandals have erupted and the stinking gloria still raises eyebrows and throw tantrums....and remains defiant.

This prompted Mayor Jejomar Binay to give an unsolicited advice:


The 200 Billion-dollar Question is:

Will she do an Abe?

Your guess is as good as mine!



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