Wednesday, September 12, 2007


BEEN out with workloads and travels here and there for sometime.
Besides, the heat was unbearable! Kaya medyo hindi ko rin maasikaso itong aking blog.
Anyway, since today the Sandiganbayan found Erap guilty of plunder, I felt the urge
to put into writing what I feel. Kakainis kasi, eh!

First, allow me to say that I am not an Erap fan, nor did I like him as a politician. Kaya hindi puwedeng sabihin na kaya ako asar kay goyang, eh, dahil nasa kampo ako ni Erap. No, not that. Asar ako sa magnetik ang kamay, lalo na't tax na binabayad ko ang pinag-uusapan....o Kaban ng Bayan ang involved. Yun lang po.


So, kanina, in-between workloads, (as usual), I peeked into the net to see some Balitas. And what do I see? Erap guilty!

By stroke of some angels hovering around, or is it because I am the "iyakin-type"? Napaluha ako! Nakakainis!

Yup! I know! Maybe, because goyang turned out to be worse than Erap, that's why! We all know what goyang has been up to in the last seven years, right? And compared to goyang, Erap is a saint. No kidding!

The people expected someone better than Erap when gloria, apparently staged a coup with the able help of the Army Generals who, eventually turned out to be the country's General Problems! And so on and so forth...blah-blah-blah- siz-boom-bah!

Guilty si Erap, sabi ng Thief!


BEEN reading as much as I can also, and something caught my attention:
That Press release to the Malacanang Press Corps. Kakatuwa, eto:

The press release said Ms. Arroyo “came and went like a thief in the night” because she arrived in Boao “in the wee hours of Saturday,” April 21, and “left at 3:30 p.m. of the same day, but not after witnessing the signing of five landmark economic agreements…
that, in her own words, would…raise the competitiveness of our country.”

The President was there to deliver the keynote address during the opening session
of the Boao Forum for Asia.

As if to invite more malice or ridicule, the press release as titled, “So much investments, so little time for PGMA in China.” Reminds one of those once-in-fashion flirtatious t-shirts that said, “So many men, so little time.”

The press release also gave away a detail about the broadband network deal that has been elusive to critics, who have been asking the government, to no avail, to release copies of the contract for scrutiny. What kind of contract is it? Well, the press release says it’s a “supply contract.”

So much for what the press release called “an avalanche of Chinese investments to the tune of US$904.38 million.”

Malacanag Press Release yan, ha? Sila mismo, natumbok ang diskripsyon kay goyang:
"like-a-thief-in-the-night!" Hindi ba't gabi rin nang nag-swear in siya sa harap ni dabidi? Tska yung proclamation nya nung 2004: sa gabi rin ginawa? Mahilig! Mahilig sa gabi ang lola!

And how much was da dagdag...or ander-da-teybol dito? Di hamak na kakaunti ang kay Erap na ikinaso, di ba? Mas malaki ant engrande ang kay 'little one'.....

O seclusion perpetua rin sa kanya, ha?



mschumey07 said...

To break it down for you, the said investments are actually loans, the ZTE Broadband and the Cyber-education program. I wonder how big her commissions are on these two projects?

Cory said...

As against the other proposal na wala sanang loan, db?

How big her commision is might be bigger than big or larger than those with which Erap was convicted of, I suppose!