Friday, September 28, 2007

The Land of the FEE & the Home of the Bribe

My favorite Bedan, Rene Saguisag is great. Imagine him saying, and I quote:

The Land of the Fee....and the Home of the Bribe.

It would really have been nice had it been Free and Brave. But naaah! That wouldn't be proper to address the low-lifes in government service these days, especially the big...very big fishes now caught dipping their hands into the cookie jar.

My, Oh my! When will this ever end? Seems to me, bribery has been
a growing business, and the very reason why people want to be in
public service. Not to serve, but to benefit from the bribes.

They go along the flow from the top doewn to the smallest employee. Gaya-gaya, puto maya syndrome, and we cannot help but stare in awe. The lowliest employees are always good followers, right? So it all boils down to 'Follow-the-Leader' Game.

And most of them go unscathe and unpunished. They go to Swiss and Germany and deposit their loot and enjoy a life of luxury.....while the ordinary Pinoy folk go hungry for days on end.

We all know that there are loopholes and problems with ZTE contract. Besides, that project didn't pass through the proper stages. No biddings, and all that. Why? There are people who wanted them done, ASAP. Period. And your geuss is as good as mine.

I just hope and pray that the Supreme Court continue to be the beacon of hope for the people. Without the SC, where would people go for justice? I was thinking on the line of scrapping the entire project rather than a mere suspension. Never mind if ABalos has received the downpayment from ZTE {complete with those women escorts!}....the people must not be allowed to pay for the kickbacks these unscrupulous Pinoy politicos have received by entering into some questionable contracts.

Let the People be vigilant so there will no more be FEEs that are questionable and BRIBEs in future.


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