Wednesday, September 12, 2007


PLUNDER, ~says Brenda (maybe it's one of Brenda's shining moments, ha?)
and a horde of other legal luminaries~ a crime where the perpetrator raided the Kaban Ng Bayan ang used it for himself. It involves malversation of public funds.

ERAP's crimes, according to the Sandiganbayan involved the commissions
from the BW shares of stocks and the jueteng payoffs.

Plunder? More like BLUNDER to me, even if I didn't take Law 101....
.........or to anyone with sentido-common!



they're all and the same?
HU ever do those is beyond shame!

Now, pray, do tell: who has more guilt?
The one who lied and lied and lied
or the one who faced his Nation and
faced trial twisted they may be?


Chavit, sumabit....said he has been vindicated!
Oh, come on! A crook like him shouldn't say that!
Baka magbiro ang tadhana, baka mabulok (sana!) si Chavit
sa seldang may dalawang gulong. Nakakasuyang makita o marinig
na nagmamalinis ang iba, sangkaterbang muta naman ang nasa mata.

And he added that Erap's conviction isn't complete unless
he goes to Muntinlupa (the National Penitentiary).
Shouldn't the authorities check everyone in government and
in the jueteng operations, too?

Anyone who isn't guilty of illegal activities throw the first stone.
Can anyone do that, now?


ERAP was found guilty, while his two co-accused were acquitted.
Why is that?

Hindi ba co-accused nga, eh.
Dapat pareho sila ng verdict....di ba?

Hindi ko maintindihan.

Sa totoo lang, lahat ng iyon,
hindi ko maintindihan.


GOYANG gloats and goats around.
Kailan kaya ang verdict para sa kanya?

How about FAIRNESS given on every citizen, including Malacañang's friends who are presumed to be innocent even as everybody and his mother know that they are guilty, while Malacañang's foes suffer the full brunt of the law?

The list of un-indicted culprits gets longer by the day:
* Barely four days after Edsa II, the new government hastily signs a controversial $470-million hydroelectric power plant, and turns it over to the Argentine firm Impsa. Has anyone been indicted?

*In 2002, the Senate blue ribbon committee looks into the Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, supposedly the most expensive roadway--5.1 kilometers costing P1.1 billion--built at an alleged overprice of P600 million. Has anyone been indicted?

*In 2003, the Supreme Court nullifies the Piatco concession agreement to build a new airport amid allegations of massive payoffs. Has anyone been indicted? So bribes truly were given and taken, but there are no bribe-givers nor -takers around who can be charged?

*Before the 2004 elections, the Supreme Court strikes down the P1.3-billion Comelec computerization contract with the MegaPacific consortium. The Court issues a direct order to the Office of the Ombudsman to file graft charges against the erring Comelec officers. The Ombudsman drags its feet. The Kilosbayan had to file a petition before the Court to compel the Ombudsman to comply, which it does belatedly, and only half-heartedly.

*During the 2004 elections, we learn that fertilizer funds had been diverted to GMA's campaign. Marilyn Esperat, the journalist who exposed the scam, was murdered in cold blood, in front of her own children. The gunmen have been convicted, but the charges implicating agriculture undersecretary Joc-Joc Bolante remain frozen. Why? Because the moment he is charged, he can be extradited from his sanctuary in the United States.

*Just the other day, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order to stop the controversial $329-million broadband deal given to ZTE Corp. of China. Yet President Macapagal-Arroyo affirmed the next day that she would honor all contracts entered into by the government, citing the familiar refrain about the rule of law.


JUSTICE? For whom?
Justice is swift for the elite and the haves.
Maybe JUST-TIIS for the rest of the Nation!

Hanggang kailan ka magtitiis?
Hanggang tamaan ng kidlat si gloria
nang tuluyan nang mawala sa mundo?


Humayo ka't gumising,
sa pagkakatulog at pagkakahimbing...
Bawasan na itong blunder at plunder.
Baka bukas makalawa'y panawan na ng isip
Malinaw na langit, hindi na masilip.


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