Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Hanep bumanat ni luli!
Doesn't she look at the mirror and open her eyes? Or does she look at the mirror with no lghts on? Hence, she doesn't know what's going on? Or is she as good {like her mom:the mom of all liars!} as her mom in pretending?

HU-DAS she think she is? Does she feel beautiful inside and out?

The gall! Like mader:like doter!They look the same on all angles!

My jaw dropped when I saw that news item. It's one thing to deny, and another thing to jeer at your opponent and say you have a receding hairline when your face wouldn't even pass for audition as the crocodile's bait!
Not even KingKong would take a look at her! Sanabawitz!

Maybe, they removed all the mirrors in Malacanang, that's why!

Bagong Alphabet, base sa ZTE anomaly:


H I J K Patay C GMA.

Q R S T U & V

W X Y Z.

Now I know my ZTE.

This will bring down GI-M-EE

Galeng-galeng! Kahit na sa gitna ng hirap at dusa,
nakaka-elib ang mga Noy-Pi! Hirit pa rin ng biro at text brigade!

UUbusin talaga ang pera ng Bayan ng mga buwaya.

BTW, alam mo ba ang pangalang ng kanilang barakadahang-kompanya?

Arroyo's Buwaya Company, Inkorporeyted.

Whatever goyang wants, goyang gets!

....and she knows everything!

First, she denied knowing anything about that anomalous ZTE contract.
But then, she was right there...."like a thief in the night!"
{as per Malacanag Press release; What a fitting description!!}
in China for the signing of the contract.
She and her husband played golf along with JdV and Abalos last year!

Hay naku! Deny pa ang Lola ng mga mandarambong!
Buking na, hihirit pa!

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