Sunday, August 05, 2007


The time: 8:15 a.m. on Aug. 6, 1945-under the sweltering heat of summer:

....62 years ago the Americans dropped an untested bomb called "The Little Boy" from the B-29 bomber Enola Gay overhead at the center of Hiroshima. Three days later, another bomb, this time called "The Fat Man" was dropped at Nagasaki- and together instantaneously claimed 210,000 lives! Others died slowly suffering from the effects of radiation and the black rain.The death toll continues even today.....

Most Japanese at both ends of the political spectrum agree that those attacks were inexcusable. The American leaders of those times insist that the attacks were proper.

The scene here was taken four days after the bomb was dropped. Smoke can be seen still. The once-bustling city-port was flattened and reduced instantly to rubbles. The only thing that was left in this picture was a Buddhist Temple Torii (Gate) amidst devastation, ruin and the stench of burning dead bodies. Another monument to this tragedy is the dome that Hiroshima keeps to remind everyone that war and bombs do not care; they eradicate!!

Sixty-two years hence, the world is still the same, or is it worse?! The only thing that has changed is the news that the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum has an American at its helm. Yessiree! And that, is the ultimate irony.

The numbers keep growing. The hibakusha (atomic-bomb survivors) have been fading...with a good number of them slowly dying but most have taken the effort to tell their stories, some too horrifying to listen to.

The survivors are saying that they are not interested in revenge or retaliation. What they are doing is sublimating all of the urge for revenge and anger into this pursuit of a world without war and nuclear weapons.They have been pursuing a move to say to the world and I dare say as well:



I hope and pray the world listens........

NOTE:One can visit the 2 Museum =virtually= and 'feel' the place where those bombs were dropped. Visit them by finding the link on the sidebar. Thanks.


mschumey07 said...

The people were made guinea pigs to find out the effects of radiation on humans. It was never intended to end the war.

The US said it was best to sacrifice a few than see more lives lost. The bomb proved that generations were actually lost. So how many did they really save, none.

The US advocates disarmament yet it has thousands of stockpiled warheads. Such hypocrisy.

Cory said...

Yeah...sad, but true!
They were just "testing" that %%$$#""of a bomb! And another one at Nagasaki! If they have conscience they shd stop them all right away. Apparently, they have none, just like the ones who grabbed the seat by the Pasig.

Twiggy said...

I have heard about the devastating effects that the atomic and nuclear bombings had on the MANY people there. I may be from America but if I was alive during that time I would have tried to stop them. No american tried to stand up to the governement to stop them from bombing Hiroshima, but they should have. Because of that one day, many families lost loved ones. NO ONE should have to go through what they went through! Hopefully the world has learned from its terrible unexcusable actions and will hopefully one day just get along with one another. No one should ever go through something like that ever again!