Thursday, August 02, 2007


Here's one news I find queer at the same time impossible to happen.......

............> that is, in the Inang Bayan!

No one...and I say no one among the Crocodiles and the Snakes ....will ever admit that that they dipped their fingers and palms inside the cookie jar!

Queer, I say...because primarily, those crooks in government do what they can to be elected......with one prime purpose: to leech and seep what they can from the country's coffers.

1,790 of China's communist party officials admit to corruption
China's Communist Party says 1,790 of its senior members have admitted to corruption under a program that gives officials relatively light punishment if they voluntarily report their wrongdoing within 30 days.

A spokesman for the party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Gan Yisheng, said on Thursday that the amount of embezzlements and profits illegally made by the officials totaled 78 million yuan, or more than 10 million US dollars.

Mr Gan said the party will take severe measures against corrupt officials who do not voluntarily report their wrongdoing.

He referred to the recent case of former Shanghai party chief Chen Liangyu, who was expelled from the party for corruption charges.

Mr Gan said the case has been handed over to prosecutors and that the former secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Commission is not above being sent to prison.
Source:NHK World


mschumey07 said...

Dito sa Pinas, pakapalan ng mukha. Huling-huli na, panay pa ang deny. Si Nani Perez nga nangupit, malaya pa hanggang ngayon. Isa pa itotng si Bolante, ayun, naka-bakasyon pa rin.

Cory said...

You hit right into its head, Brod!
Makapal na mukha, matapang pa apog!

Yung kay bolante, pakana na rin nila yun eh. Mas mahirap kung magsalita si bolante...Baka may masangkot na tao....
Yung kay perez, nakaligtaan na nila...Hindi nakita !

Parang ganito yun eh..Kapag kakampi, walang nakita; Kapag kalaban ka, ultimo gilagid, makikita!

Hay naku!