Friday, August 03, 2007


For the last 21 years, the government, through the PCGG,
has been known to work to recover the fabled "Asian Trasures"
...more specifically, the Philippine Treasures...
looted by the dictator and his lady.

The last days of marcos saw them looking grim and full of grief
as they boarded the helicopter to Hawaii. They had with him
his most loyal crony onboard.

A decade or so- hence, we see imelda and her children
return to the country. The same can be said of the cronies....
who made good their presence and the people 'accepted' them,
no matter what!

WE also saw marcos' frozen body flown and kept in a freezer
in his hometown.Through all these, the country saw the
re-emergence of the marcos children
in politics and the return of the imeldific ways of
imelda, the con artist.

ALL can be said in line with the forgiving hearts
of the Filipino but something is wrong somewhere....
I can smell the stink from where I am.
Some instinct says that something wrong is going on somewhere....

LATELY, we see in print the interview on Jose Almonte
and how the PCGG, under Jovito Salonga...
and how Sedfrey Ordonez was supposed to have left the
Swiss capital before the hand-over of several marcos' loot.
Why he did that is unknown to many, and no explanation
was given, either. Jovito Salonga was said to have
issued the order. Now, Salonga is rewarded as a hero of sorts.

A small portion of marcos' loot was later transferred
and held in escrow at PNB. The rest of the loot remain
unrecovered....or were they? I wonder......

ALSO, news about imelda's first-born, imee claiming a
good percentage of GMA-7's ownership which she claimed
were all held in trust by the dictator to Duavit,
who, GMA executives say is the real owner.

NOT to be outdone, here comes bongbong, marcos' only son
claiming that Lucio Tan's holdings aren't really Tan's
but his father's.

WHAT's intriguing is the news that bongbong and even
imeldific herself, will testify against Lucio Tan
as government witness!

DO they have a deal....or NO deal?

I wonder.....

With the crooks and the hooks, and everything in between,
I am inclined to believe that there is something going on.
Imagine the amount in question
....and having been there "sleeping" with interests,
the money marcos stole may reach into so many zeros,
I wouldn't know how to read them!

MAKING a pact with the devil is the lowliest deal of all!

Why in the world couldn't people in government...
these judges find the looters of this country
guilty and send them to rot in jail?
Just send some and you'll find that a
deterrent for future looters.
By allowing these crooks to reenter society
sends signal to would-be-looters and
now-looting scumbags that they,
too can get away with looting the country's coffers!
Holy Cow!

WHAT can I say? Only this:
Along witht he numerous citizens of this country,
I feel dismayed....NO! disgusted about the whole thing!
I thought government people were supposed to be the protectors
of the People's interests?
Not so with the crap of crocodiles that have sprouted
in our midst! Goodness!
How I wish lightning strike them all many times over!

I say NO DEAL!
But that, my dear is what Malacanang's illegal occupant says!
But knowing how tricky, this little Tricky does...
I am bound to believe that
there is something going on....

and you better believe it!

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