Sunday, August 05, 2007


SEVERAL nights ago, I saw one of the bestest movie I've seen in years. Not because it speaks of sci-fi and all that, which I abhor,, not that. It speaks of basic human drama that has penetrated the lives of men and women of a generation past.

THE setting was the early 50s (1953, to be exact) and what I am talking about is the McCarthy era in the 50s America. The title of the movie is're right! "Good Night, and Good Luck!"

IT deals with how a group of people working for CBS meet before each show and brainstorm on the latest happening. They then pick a certain topic and deal with it.

THE show went on as usual, but the news about then junior Senator MacCarthy was the truning point. The issue was becoming persistent.The time came when the CBS group can no longer tolerate McCarthy's hurling accusations everywhere that they felt they must speak out. Of course, people reacted both positively and those presumed guilty raised a howl. Even McCarthy responded by accusing Ed Murrow connections with the communists!

McCarthysm, a word coined to mean that anyone who is against the policies of government was deemed a communist. The news rattled several people which sometimes led to their dismissal from office by mere association with known or branded "communists."

BEAUTIFUL lines were delivered: "We cannot defend freedom abroad, if we do not defend it here." ....."I choose my conscience!"....and lots more.

MURROW, the anchorman was even accused by McCarthy himself as having associated with 'communists' in his early days as a reporter. Accusations were hurled, presumably to threaten Ed Murrow and the entire staff. But they didn't give in. He (Murrow) countered that he, indeed had some friends that were supposed-to-be communists, but that doesn't justify that he, too was one.

THE anchorman's persistence and bravery was rewarded when McCarthy was later investigated and the people affected from his barrage and accusations were restored to their former positions in government. He opted to pursue with such diligence the trying order of the day. He persisted and earned the respect and admiration of people not only in the industry where he works, but the entire nation.

IT was a film that could be a reminded to the next generation that the television or media in general, is a powerful medium to delver the Common Tao's cries and woes.

WATCHING the movie made me think and wonder: The very same thing is happening in Pilipinas for the past five-or so-years. People in media were sued with libel...and although the case have been withdrawn, due to 'humanitarian reasons'.....the situation is reminiscent of America in the early 50s.

FREEDOM of speech is a basic human right of each and every citizen in a supposed democratic nation. Basically, no one is supposed to question a person's right to speak for or against the very institution that is mandated to protect its citizen.
Although there are a few journalists who continue to fight the corrupt system we have today, they are dimishing in numbers. Some have been 'bought' or 'swayed' by the powers-that-be.

THIS movie is a must-see, if only to remind people that being wary and losing one's guard makes way for the corrupt and the misfits to survive. Go and see it, if you haven't yet. It's in black-and white that stars, among others George Clooney who plays Fred Friendly,the director of that CBS TV show.

WELL then, GOOD NIGHT,.... and GOOD LUCK !

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purple said...

hi sis!
its really sad that Inang Bayan "holders" claim of democracy and freedom when all we have here is mediocrity in the airwaves but fear of honesty in the grassroots.
people of conscience are persecuted and branded as communists, left-wing, npa blah-blah but the ones put to power illegally are heralded to no end, even if at the back they are back-stabbing one anther..
as you said Good Luck to us all here.