Saturday, August 04, 2007


I woke up from my reverie with a chorus I find at times distracting but today, I do not know whether to call it a blessing in disguise..... You see, I had a dream which I have not experienced in a long time and the chorus I was referring to were the cicadas chirping.

It is indeed summer and cicadas are everywhere.
Bugs and beetles, too! But what I do not like with the hot summer days are the pesky mosquitoes which swarm me when I go to the small patch I call garden to weed out those unwanted ones. Rains have been few and far-between recently, which probably shooed the frogs away, hence their absence in our midst. Maybe I just 'miss' the croaking, to say the least.

And, oh! Those dreams....I guess I have to write them as soon as...lest I forget
them again! It happens, y'know. Dreams are easily reverted back into the recesses of a person's mind and thus, forgotten in a jiffy....until we go through a flashback when a 'continuity' of sorts happen. Have experienced that, a couple or so- times! Heh-heh! about that dream: I dreamt I went boating with ....whom, or where? I don't remember. What stuck into my mind was that >suddenly, I found I was under water and when I looked up, I saw clearly our small boats up the surface. It was blue all over and my companions were trying to hold hands so we don't get separated.

I was beginning to gasp for air when we found ourselves "landing" on a surface where I was able to breathe. I was glad to "arrive" on that area, because of the air. We were then ushered into a place very similar to our own, yet different.

People there never thought of going back to the surface :that is,
our own world. They were contented to be there. All of a sudden I felt the urge to contact some relatives ( as I am wont to do on impulse) and tried to grope for my celfone inside my bag, which, surprisingly was still with me. (=I always use body bags when not working!=) My phone was out! Can't connect.....

We (I don't even know who it was with me!) walked and tried to look
for a telephone booth, so we walked around. Luckily, we found one. I tried to get some coins and put them inside the telephone machine, but still, the telephone didn't register a dial tone. Looking at the backside, I retrieved the unattached cords.
It was then I realized no one can make contact with the 'outside world'.

So we walked and looked at the place. Later, a middle-aged woman volunteered to go and swim back. With the help of some of the "residents" there, we were shown the best way out.

As the woman swam her way, we went back and a small place which appeared to be something like a common agora. We walked around and was taken by some accessories which I even tried. I thought: 'What nice pasalubongs these would make!'

I was thinking: 'What the hell am I thinking?
Here I am away from family and friends, and I was still thinking of pasalubongs!?'

It was at this moment that I heard the cicadas....

Shall I thank the cicadas who wakened we up from my reveries?

I do not have the knack to interpret dreams, but I sure hope that
it means good and that I need not worry.

Lolo says it's the time when local folks talk of ghosts and souls coming back for the O-BON.....and that, perhaps, triggered my dreams. Or I may have been seeing a lot of those TV dramas about ghosts that I entertain such ideas in my mind. Fact is, I seldom watch those 'horror genres!' Whatever it is, I pray and praise that nothing bad was meant by one's productive extension of this mind.


eagle wild said...

Getting immobilized in dreams is actually being immobilized in your physiological functions... something is giving you a signal to go for wellness clinic checkup. Proof is the fact that you wakeup sweating or maybe short of breath.

Cory said...

No, not that....I wasn't immobilized nor was I gasping...and I wasn't sweating altho its summer. I just woke up when I heard the cicadas.

I guess dreams are the product of the sub-conscious mind, right? I may be thinking of some ghosts stories here, since it is the time for O-Bon: similar to our Nov.1-2 celebration in Inang Bayan....and ghosts stories here abound!

Thanks a lot for your concern....
but the doctor gave a clean bill of health(Thank God!) recently and I always have my annual check up, too.