Saturday, June 23, 2007


This picture was on PDI these last two weeks.

Can't help but notice:

Why is it glue likes to wade in those sad-sack-looking sakos?
Where in the world did she get those?
Does she really think she looks great in it?
Better donate na lang those to the farmers.

OR has she ballooned into some bola de antipatika?
Oh, my goodness! Those are the blood of her countrymen!

And why the action?
Not fit for an executive,
.....role playing, even...

Did she wear those frocks with the labels on?!

May gulay naman, haw utterly insane!

A-itsy-bitsy-in the mornin`
A-itsy-bitsy-in-the night!


eagle wild said...

nakatulog yata ako sa pansitan.
your wit escapes me.
would you give me some crayons please?

Cory said...

Hayaan mo na lang.
Baka mahirap i-drawing.

Cory said...

Baka nmn natabunan na ng pansit sa Pansitan ni Aling Itsay!