Wednesday, June 27, 2007


NAKAKATUWA, nakakainis, nakakasuya, nakakadiri....
Lahat nang ito, maari lamang mangyari sa Pilipins...
-----da land op da korap en nat da pri-----
Tel mi, wer is demokrasi?
Or da rul op lo?

Abalos: "Arrest Bedol!"!

Ermita: "We offer help."

In a bizarre twist to the case of Bedol, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita yesterday announced that Malacañang is ready to extend protection to Bedol if his case concerns his safety and if he asks for it.

I wouldn't be surprised if, after all these years, garci was offered assistance in some ways, too, to go in and out of the country at the time he was asked to appear in Congressional Hearings.....

Law executor becomes the number one Law breaker!
Onli in da Pilipins!

Pero teka, why am I not convinced at his sincerity and those of his bossES?
Baka naman itong si Ginoong abalos, eh,
pabalat-bunga lang ang sinabing "arrest bedol!"...
Syempre, main star siya sa nakaraang eleksyon, eh.
Para nga naman masabing, he is doing his job well.


Teves: "The CA asks for 5 M PP for every confirmation.

Ermita:“I hope they will refrain from expanding their differences. I hope they stop exchanging (charges) because we are in one govern-ment."

Isn't ermita the Official Presidential spokesman? Hu-hum...

Ober-Bisi si mam...
to get her people gaggagagagagaga-gagged!
She must be going gaga over her men, ei?

Report: Lintang Bedol went around and collected the COCs in his area.
After that, ALL the COCs got lost, according to Bedol when he surfaced
in front of media and claimed that.

Wats dat? witchcraft and magic in Maguindanao?

STILL on Bedol:
First, municipal certificates of canvass in Maguindanao went missing. Now the official tasked to secure the COCs is himself missing, while the Commission on Elections has reported that the lost documents have been found. With the recovery of the COCs, and in the absence of a restraining order from the Supreme Court, the COMELEC proceeded this week with a new canvass of the Maguindanao vote. But until Wednesday there was no sign of Lintang Bedol, the provincial COMELEC supervisor from whose office the COCs had disappeared. PhilStar Editorial: Comelec ROT


Bibilangin pa rin yun, matapos "mawala" ni Bedol?
Naman, naman.....
Sobra na yan, ha?
Garapalan na po.....

Baka madapaka -yo d'yan sa ginagawa nyo, kayo rin!


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