Sunday, April 29, 2007


It is the last day of April...
and two weeks from now, we will be choosing the next generation leaders of our beloved Inang Bayan.

This makes us stop and think: Who is the right choice? Who is not? Will my vote be counted? Will they cheat? What is going to happen?

Questions, questions! So many we cannot stop asking...

One intriguing question that hounds my consciousness is whether there will be a repeat of the last national election.

This has been triggered by the very fact that people by nature, want to win.
I do...Who wouldn't want to win, anyway?

But what makes us different from each other is the way we win.
Most, if not all cheat to get what they want. They want some things so much they'd do anything to get them. Same is true with the elections in Inang Bayan. This has been proven time and again, some discreet, and others blatant if we are to gauge the 2004 Presidential elections. Garci et al are still free...even running for position in his hometown, thanks to the clout the 'caller' has.

Still others, a small minority, e.g., win despite all odds they encounter.
Thanks to the people who support them and the vigilance they manifest from start to finish.

Barely two weeks from now, voters will troop to the polls and let their voices be heard. This is one glorious moment for our Kababayans to do our duty as citizens of this country. We have the privilege of choosing our leaders...those who will lead us to a better Pilipinas....NOT that corrupt, self-serving TRAditional POliticians
who run to gain clout on anything his hands can handle. These unsatiable lot must be fed to the crocs which they resemble.

The time is come to use that privilege.

"Enshrined in the constitution is my right to vote. Come election day, I will exercise that right. It is my duty to my country and obligation to my people that I keep the sanctity of the process. I will never relinquish this right as it is the great equalizer. I will vote lest I waste the right given to me. I implore everyone to use this right"

-from The Philippine ExperienceBlog

GO out and VOTE!

GO, man....



mschumey07 said...

Thanks for spreading the word. We must not lose hope in the electoral process. The COMELEC and the administration may try with all their might to steal our votes, but our vigilance will save the day.

I hope our calls will resound and touch the senses who have given up.

Cory said...

I hope and pray that something good will come out of all these...


...That the evil be overpowered by the power of all good men who cares...