Sunday, April 22, 2007


MIGRANTE International exposed a smoking gun about that confidential Malacanang Memorandum to Mrs. gloria macapagal arroyo asking for money from her confidential funds to finance pro-administration party-list groups. The memo was supposedly signed by Ass-Sec Marcelo FarinasII...who, as expected, has denied that the said signature was his.

May aamin ba? May umamin na ba sa kanila? Even in the midst of clear evidence presented, gloria and her cohorts never admitted anything, did they now? DENY is the word. Everything gloria wants, gloria gets and when discovered, all they do is deny. She has earned not only the nick Mrs. pidal and now Denial Queen is more likely to be added to her numerous 'glories.'

THE COMELEC should not hesitate about the party-list groups thing. They must act and act ASAP. The people are waiting. It seems that the people in COMELEC are taking their time to do their act. Why? Waiting for some calls to "garcify" something?

The Comelec should not hide behind technicalities and show its true colors. In view of the general public distrust of the poll body, it should try to recover its credibility by immediately disqualifying the four party-list groups identified in the memorandum. They are

=Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano (Agbiag),
=Babae Para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka),
=League of Youth for Peace and Development (Lypad), and
=Kalahi Advocates for Overseas Filipinos (Kalahi).

The Comelec doesn`t need any more evidence. The sudden surge of party-list organizations seeking accreditation and the motive of the administration to have more congressmen on its side and prevent GMA's impeachment are convincing evidence.


mschumey07 said...

Buking na nga, deny to death pa. Who do they think they're fooling? As for Abastos, he is leaving a legacy of prostitution. He is bringing even the honest employees of the COMELEC down with him. Ang mga bayaran nga naman.

Cory said...

Dapat talaga sa mga galamay ng mga mandarambong iHAMBALOS...gaya ni abalos....Babalos!