Monday, April 02, 2007

Devil with a toothy grin

"Hell is here.
ALL the devils are here."

-William Shakespeare

SEEMS true these days, huh?!
In Inang Bayan, I mean!

So, then....

WHO works for the devil?

Care to answer?

I think you know what I know.

These are the fat, cheating leeches
who care not for the people.
They just sit there and gallivant
in some European town and deposit our money!
All for the world to see!

Now look at those men in uniform
who makes people queasy:
How come the dark angels
keep "watching for the ...."
what was that again?
Rebels? Ahh.. Oh!
Well, OK!
Rebels in the slums of MetroManila?
How come?
Oh, I see, government agents are
saying that the rebels have invaded
the slums, huh?

Some say the devil is a wacko.
She doodles, and diddles
and say strange words
most of the time...

I won't be surprised.
She has done that so many times.
One day she promises this...
then make a turn-around the next day!

Liar? Yes!
Wacko? Yes!
Schizo? Yes!
Crazy? Yes!
Devil? Most say so!

I just hope that a double whammy
happen to stop the devil and da esposo
from doing more harm to Inang Bayan
and squeeze more blood from its burdened people.



mschumey07 said...

Nice one sis. One more thing, Satan even envies this little whacko. She is evil itself and for sure, Webster will not overlook the similarity.

alitaptap said...

The devil is queen of enchanted kingdom
Tho liar oftimes she can do no wrong
She thinks people believe she is hero
Cheating and lying often become true

CORY said...

glue is devil personified!
she is the devil-in-blue...
walking the halls of Malacanang
thinking how to survive and
be the queen of Pasig
for the rest of her despicable life!