Wednesday, April 04, 2007


To: MamaPanDoc


from oppression and killings,
from plundering the Nation's coffer,
from lying and cheating in the elections....
and from military takeover!

The Supreme Court ordered the release of Satur Ocampo
even if he is charged with a capital offense.
Your Certified Tuta, gunggunggonzALIS manipulated
every nook and cranny so that anyone who
go against the tide are branded a commie and
thus be arrested and "interrogated".
Some never came back home....
Some were never seen anymore.
A lot came back, lifeless...
forever maimed and shut out.
It was good and great that the Supreme Court,
the last vestige of Justice,
saw the Light and made things right.

There are many more languishing in jail,
for crimes, they themselves do not know of.
Imagine the families affected by your actions your folly. They, too, have hearts that cry, just like you.
That is, IF indeed, you have a heart.

I hope that there remains...
even a faint glimpse of humanity in you.....

..........a heart that aches and cries everytime
something happens to a member of your family.
Most families do, you know...
more so now since you have been in Malacanang.

How long will this last?

How long will the People suffer?

Can you sleep at night?
Can you really, really say
that you can have a peaceful, undisturbed sleep?
Every single night?

Lastly, ARE YOU HAPPY?....Knowing that there are those
who hate and curse you to high heavens?
Are you?

Give this a thought this week, will ya?
Anyway, it's Maundy Thursday in Inang Bayan,
a time for reflection and repentance.
A time to correct what we have done wrong to anyone,
or in your case, to everyone!

A Pinoy who has a heart that cries and
feels for those oppressed by your regime.


mschumey07 said...

She doesn't care about how the people suffer as long as she and her mad cows are fat and happy. Its high time the people rise and kick their wide asses out of office. If a revolt is the answer, then so be it.

Cory said...

Well. what are wwe waiting for?

Let's GO, Man!