Sunday, April 22, 2007


After wrapping up its own probe, a Japanese non-government organization (NGO) joined calls to the Arroyo administration to end extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances.

Tokyo-based Human Rights Now (HRN) also called on the Japanese government to rethink its policy of granting Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) to the Philippines.

"To date, the Japanese government has moral obligation to promote the protection of basic human rights in the recipient country, as stated in the existing principles in Japan’s ODA Charter. As stipulated in the four principles of ODA implementation, ‘full attention should be paid to efforts for promoting democratization ... and the situation regarding the protection of basic human rights and freedoms to the recipient country," it said in a statement posted on the Stop the Killings in the Philippines website ( Sunday.

HRN also said it will meet with UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston on this matter in Tokyo this May and “raise awareness of this grave human rights violation both Japanese and International society."

It noted the Japanese prime minister formally expressed "the great concern among the Japanese on the human rights situation in the Philippines" to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Dec. 9 last year.

Yet, it said the two governments may sign the Exchange of Notes of the 27th Yen loan Package on the occasion of President Arroyo’s coming visit to Japan this May.

"We overstate that unconditional provision of its ODA loan to the Philippines under this situation may send misleading message to the Philippine government that Japanese government endorse or condone the human rights policy of the government. ODA must not have any impact against human security, peace, stability and human rights. We call upon the Japanese government to suspend the Yen loan agreement up until it recognizes the human rights situation and accountability mechanism has clearly improved," it said.

HRN, which conducted its fact-finding mission on killings and enforced disappearances in the Philippines last April 14 to 21, also sought a "thorough criminal investigation on the all cases of alleged extra-judicial killing and enforced disappearance."

"We call upon the Philippine government to immediately stop the policy targeting civilian organization and individual activists," it said.

The HRN also urged the Japanese government to keep monitoring the human rights situation and accountability mechanism in the Philippines, and conduct constructive dialogue on human rights with the Philippine government.

It sought as well efforts to raise the awareness on the situation within international community through stating the issue before the UN Human Rights Council.

"As Asian friend, Japanese civil society is very concerned the fact that substantial numbers of Filipino people have targeted of extra-judicial killing and enforced disappearance," HRN said.

HRN said it got cooperation from the government and from militant human rights group Karapatan during its fact-finding mission.

OTHER nations and groups worldwide have likewise started to notice. A great number have delivered their protests and specified that action be taken to stop these political persecutions.

BUT the power-grabber in Malacanang continue to ignore these calls. She and her husband remain deaf to the people's pleas for humane and just treatment.
Libel cases have been hurled here-and-there by the husband. Disparecidos are mounting.....while Jueteng and other games continue to flourish not only in the cities but mostly in the countryside.

Just plain and simple enjoying their stay while in power.

WHEN WILL this regime stop?
.When all Pinoys have been maimed for life?
..When all have lost their hopes?
...When everyone else leaves the country to slave themselves to a foreign land?
....When everyone exists like robots in a land that treats them as second-class citizens?




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