Tuesday, March 07, 2006


"There is no substitute for hard work."
----Thomas A. Edison
"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction."
----Anne Frank
"Going to work for a large company is like getting on a train.
Are you going sixty miles an hour or is the train going sixty miles an hour
and you're just sitting still?"
----J. Paul Getty
There are more and more words of wisdom
to guide ordinary mortals like us,
but it is us who will make the final decision.
We have to decide for ourselves which way we go.
I work for several companies here.
Three, to be exact.
My employers know that I have to keep my schedule open:
I have special classes to attend to, that's why.
Besides, I go home to Inang Bayan
several times a year.
I also join travel tours once in a while.
I hate being tied down at the workplace.
I can't work 8-5;
Hence, they consult via the celfone.
[They issued me one...]
On times when there is a need to be at meetings,
they inform me beforehand and I go attend them.
Otherwise, my sked stays.
I can even reaarange the sked to accomodate my 'bakasyon',
if ever I want to go into one.....
I am supposed to be with the Trainees to guide them on weekends,
or on days when they are off-work.
For me, it's great!
I don't get to be alone on weekends anymore.
The only problem is dividing my weekend among them.
Some say I get fantastic arrangements with the Companies I work with.
But the reason I accepted the job was obvious right from the start:
I will have to GUIDE Pinay workers on their first year here.....
For me, that is quite satisfying.
To be able to impart some good things to newcomers
and/or to be able to show them the way
is something no amount of money could ever equal.
As I told the trainees during their graduation from Training:
"Baguhin natin ang impresyon ng mga Hapon sa ating mga Pinay!"
Aside from that, I have three SHA-CHOs[Company Bosses]under my wing.
They are into EIKAIWA[EnglishConversation] lessons once a week.
Siyempre, IBA ang bayad dito, noh!
Added to that, the three Shizuoka-Daigaku [ShizuokaUniversity] students
who have been under my care for two years now,
have been getting better as the days go by....
plus those kids who come to my place for 45-minute-lessons......
It is hard work, mind you...but worth it.
I have to be at one place one hour,
and another Company the next...
.while answering the calls made by a Company Owner who may be prantic
becoz one Trainee is sick!
The calls find their way till the wee hours of the night!
Perhaps, it is safe to say that I am enjoying my work
for the first time in two years...
::::not only does the paymake my bankbook growing....
it also makes my heart leap with joy

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