Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I often encounter people who, at first, would talk to me,
yet, after sensing my stand would, stay out of contact
becoz I don't share their political color.
I don't give a damn, anyway....
But their actions make me realize how 'makitid'some minds could be!
I remember a friend from way, way back: Emy.
She, whose idol was marcos the dictator,
never ran out of praise for the fallen manipulator.
I always say what I feel,
even if I have to defend the minority or
the least popular sentiment at any given time.
OH yes!
we argued a lot,
but still manage to exchange ideas and pleasantries [not faked, ha?].
Those around us were always at awe and often commented:
'How can you both do that?'
You see, Emy and I share exactly the same ideas on everything, except politics!
And I have my deepest respect for her despite that one gap.
That didn't stop me from shunning her,
or condemning her when news came out that she was some General's mistress.
That, is her personal choice.
Over all, she is OK by me....
"What a person believes, and thinks, can never be a crime:
Otherwise our prisons would be filled with novelists and essayists
who express the darkest, the harshest and, often, the bloodiest, thoughts
concerning our society. Jose Rizal was thrown into prison
for revealing what he believed to be the country's "social cancer."" writes my favorite columnist.
I wholeheartedly agree.
Curtailing one's speech and the way people think is not only a crime in a free country.
It's preposterous to do so!
Gone were the olden days when the word of the Monarch was Law
and everyone else MUST follow!
RAIDING The Daily Tribune, a newspaper office amidst the illegal 1017
patterned, no....lifted word-for-word from the dead dictator's 1081,
is a blunder ate glue made.
I refuse to call her Madam President
becoz there is a hanging sword of Damocles in her 'winning'the 2004 elections.
To me she is trying to GLUE herself by the Pasig,
despite the illegitimacy!
These days, despite the lifting of 1017, the offices of the PCIJ,an independent newsdesk
whose only fault was to make available online the 'Hello Garci' tapes
are threatened by the powers-that-be.
Some magic is waiting at the wings for this honest reporters
whose idealism are not lost despite the harassment and the threats
that befall journalists in this country.
Ang sa akin kasi,
==>dalawa lang ang pagpipilian:ANG TAMA 0 MALI.
==>dalawa lang ang lugar:LANGIT 0 IMPIYERNO.
==>dalawa lang ang kulay sa politika:PUTI 0 ITIM.
Ganun din nmn sa SALITA:
PUTI para sa katotohanan....
ITIM para sa mga sinungaling!

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