Friday, March 03, 2006


HINA means DOLL;
It also pertains to YOUNG GIRLS.
Today, March 3, is just that: HINA MATSURI.
It's the day for young girls who receive dolls
dressed in typical Japanese garments.
This Matsuri takes its roots from China,
which celebrate the day for Girls several weeks after the Lunar New Year.
Grandparents and/or parents buy dolls
for their granddaughter/daughter.
The price range from several thousand Yen to
hundreds of thousand Yen,
depending on who made it,
or the type and size of the Dolls.
Usually, they come in pairs.
They come in glass casings and elegantly dressed.
I remember receiving my set from my parents a long time ago.
I still keep mine in MonteBello.
Young girls are brought to Temples since last Sunday.
Most families dine out and
celebrate having a girl in the family.
The Boys also have theirs in early May...
and has since been part
of what the Japanese call
the "Golden Week"....>>>>
but that, my dear, is for another day.

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