Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I still can't believe that a woman in her mid-thirties [35] can tell a lie!
How can that be?
Unbelievable!!!::::> in my own lil world.....
But I wanna thank her next time:
she made me take a glimpse inside the bowels of her being!
Para siyang SAYURI: isang isda na maganda at ka-aya-aya sa labas,
ngunit maitim sa loob.
Maybe it's because I've been lucky to have found incredibly good friends
that I forgot to see the "other side" of people.
Of course, people have different windows to show others.
There are windows we want others to see of us,
and there are true windows with which we see of ourselves.
Sometimes, people project differently from their true selves.
I wonder why they do that.
Walang tago-tago: I can be read quite easily.
One can 'read' me via my eyes, my actions and my words,Tatay once said.
Siguro nga po.
Madaling malaman ng mga kaibigan ko ang moods ko.....
Was I a fool, then?
A fool becoz I believed what someone told me,
only to deny it later to make me look like someone who can't be trusted!
Sa harap pa ng Plant Manager?
ALL my life, I have followed rules set by my parents
because I believed and loved them.
I respect my parents so much that I am grateful even now,
for the values they have instilled in me.
In a sense, I have established a no-nonsense reputation
as someone to be trusted.
My friends say so, my kamag-anaks say so,
Lolo says so, everybody else say so....
except that Kababayan who denied what she said!
Maybe she was out to discredit mein front of the Boss.
Maybe she wanted me out of her way....
Siya kasi ang lider ng Group 1 na laging maraming reklamo sa mga Bosses;
Siya rin yung may pinakamalaking utang[98,000++PP with 5 credit cards!!!].
na inabonohan ng Kompanya.
Siya rin yung ayaw pumunta sa Cooking Demo noong Linggo.
Siya rin yung grabe ang gamit ng Company celfone for personal use.
Siya rin yung ayaw sumunod sa rule na patayin ang ilaw[+room heater]pag walang tao sa loob ng kuwarto.
Siya rin yung nagdadala ng silya sa loob ng tatami mat room....
and more....
ALL these were reported by her members.
I saw most of them, as well.
Nothing escapes my eagle eyes, you know....
Calculated moves ba yung denial nya?
Hmmm.... Nakakatakot ang ganitong kasama!
Traydor ang ganito!
I would rather be with a simple-minded one
but whose heart is clean and pure...
"Sino ang malaya?
Sino nga ba ang tunay na baliw!?"

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