Thursday, January 26, 2006

My part-time work in a Car Company here entails that of guiding, teaching the
Pinay Trainees how to adapt to the Japanese way of living.
Mundane things like garbage disposal, how to go around, where to go for the best buys
and more...have been mentioned by the Plant Manager.
I guess what these Pinays need is someone with whom they can relate to and assure them that everything will turn out fine.
The Pinays will be here for three years.
The bulk of them comes from Cebu.
They must have been recruited from the Industrial Plants thereabouts
and lured to work for better salary [of course!] and for a chance to go abroad.
I have been commissioned to be with the Company fora year,
enough time for the Pinays to adjust to the ways acceptable to the standards of least.
I hope I can do the work as best as I can.
Today, there will be a Meeting between the Managementand the Trainees,
something I proposed the other day.
Some issues need to be discussed before they become full-blown problems.

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