Friday, January 27, 2006

DIGITS, DIGITS!!!! Part One*

Been thinking how digits and digits make up for the bulk of problems of humankind!
This week's top news remains the arrest of a young enterpreneur,HORIE-san,
who made waves in the early 2000 via the IT business!
HORIE was one businessman who never looked like one.
He reeks of the young generations' ways and looks!
He is only 33 and one can imagine what he could be in a decade or so.
He once admitted in a TV interview by a foreign correspondent that he dreams of becoming a Prime Minister of this nation in the near future.
He seldom wear suits and even if he did on occasions he cannot control, he never used neckties!
Last year, he figured on the massive takeover scheme of Fuji TV!!
A vast majority expressed qualms about it and some arrangements were made to stall such transaction.
He even ran as Lower House Representative to the Diet representing Hiroshima.
He was given the green light and was supported by the ruling Democratic Coalition led by the present PM Koizumi.
Fortunately, for the people of Hiroshima, and quite unlucky for Horie himself,
he lost in that election. Had he won, things could have turned out differently.People could only shudder in thinking of what could have been!
The main accusation hurled at Horie and his close colleagues was the manipulation of the shares of stocks to buy- some established companies he now owns. The scam involved cover-ups
and all that can be thought of in dealings with stocks and the like....
Politicians who were busy cuddling to Horie last year and had their pictures taken with him, are now distancing themselves as far as they could. Some have even denied they were the ones who approached him to run in the last election.......
Parang narinig ko na ang ganitong scenario, ah!...
AH! What price does one pay for FAME?
...Mas madali yatang maging NOTORIOUS kaysa maging FAMOUS!!!
Problema nga ba ang PERA ?
I wonder!

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