Saturday, January 28, 2006


PAYDAY is yet to come, but apparently,
the Trainees working under my care have ran out of moolah!
When asked why it was so, they told me a lot of things
which revealed the travails of adjusting to new environs.
You see, in this part of the world, there are Pinoy enterpreneurs who cater to selling Pinoy products. This is often called Rolling Pinoy Store..... and their price is enormous!
Usually, these Pinoys allow their compatriots to get as many products as they can and pay them all up the next pay envelope arrives.
I used to buy from them,too, but I realized in time how it drains the pocket of anyone craving for a taste of home!
My wards were lured to buying lots of things:DatuPuti sukang maanghang, Nido powdered milk,and more! They even bought oodles of Telephone Cardsto call home last Christmas!
NOW they are in the red and have reached O-yen, meaning nada! in their pockets!
So yesterday, being their day-off, and my day with them,I brought them to McDo and treated them with some Meal-set concoctions I seldom partake. They gobbled the Cheeseburger Set with gusto!I chose EBI-fillet [SHRIMP] and gave away the fries.I can't have those oils inside me!
And to show them HOW to make a meal at their place,
I accompanied them to the supermarket.
I bought some fish fillet, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, salad dressing, Katsuo fish flakes, and some fruits.
I instructed everyone what to do: one prepared the green salad while another fried the fish.Then we sat down to dinner and they experienced for the first time, how to make do with a simple budget.
Of course, these people are not used to the MISO SHIRU [MISO SOUP], the common soup that is found in every Japanese table. They opted to have their hot Milo drinkwith every meal! SO.... I intentionally omitted that.
It was heartwarming to find that they were able to finish the Greens and enjoyed them, too!Even Jane, who NEVER eat veggies had to eat 'em infront of me, kasi nahihiya raw sa akin....
One thing, though: I noticed that they all eat a lot of carbo [as in rice, bread, potatoes..] along with small portions of dishes...
I eat differently!
I always have lots of Greens and Fruits...and small portions of rice/bread some of the time!
Making the most of what is available in the market makes for the best buy..... and I hope that they learned their lessons well.
I realize that the work I am in requires that I have a head to share what I know and the heart to share what I feel would be best for each one of them....
TODAY, I have promised to accompany them to one of the cheapest supermarket in these areas.....
and I hope that they will make full useof some pointers given them.

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