Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What's happening?

Of late, I've been seeing articles titled this way.
Seems to me, nothing much has changed.
Perhaps, it's a little too early to tell....
and we need to stretch our patience and see what happens.

The news earlier says that gloria, the fake had her pork barrel inserted
in the new budget appropriations for 2011.
What??!! Same old story? Same old money!?
To quote my Lolo:
"...same-same, no change!?"

Tanong kayo nang tanong...
eh pareho rin naman ang nangyayari sa TONGreso.

The best solution is this:
SCRAP the pork!
Kung baga mag-diet tayo.
Healthy meals to make the nation grow.

Tingnan natin kung may tatakbo pa ring congressmen at
senators sa susunod na eleksyon.
Lasa ko matitira na lang yung tanging gustong magsilbi
para sa taumbayan.

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