Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MISs Lang

The recent brouhaha about the tweets of Carmen Mislang
while in Hanoi proved fatal, not only for her reputation but
also for the country in general.

Because it shows lack of breeding.
You're in another `house' and you say bad things against your host?
No matter how good you are, you must remember to behave
not only because people are looking, but because of the implications
your actions will generate that will reflect badly on your boss.

Or na-miss lang niya ang GMRC?
Pasensiya na po at may na-MISLANG sa
grupo ni P-Noy.

Pero kung may delicadeza itong mga ito,
marahil alam na nila ang gagawin.
I hope P-Noy listens not
to his colleagues who recommended these brats
but to the voice of the people.


That is why I refrain from social networking
no matter how often my cyber-friends extend their invites.
I can be candid and tweet to my heart`s content, why not?

But random thoughts at times can be disastrous
albeit murderous.
Words said whilst in high spirit
can unmake a person and her/his well-guarded
reputation thrashed to bits & pieces......

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