Saturday, October 16, 2010


The nights are colder, the winds chilly as they pass by.

The days still warm but the nights come sooner....
Another year blesses my life:

Still looking forward for more happiness,
blissful, healthy and jubilant years to come.....


I have several "men" in my life.....
but only one remembered me on that day:
As early as 4:24 AM, I received a text-message
from Maki: {Good Morning!happy Birthday.....!!!
love you and ingat lage. mwah!}

Hangsweet, di bah?


Alas! the rest forgot all about it.
The day after, I received an "oiwai futo"
[~happy envelope~] with some yens inside!

Better late than never!
I just love it!

But most of all, I must remember also those
who remembered to greet.
I must say I am happy all these years,
despite some humps and thuds along the way,
of course!


Praise God for all these Blessings!

Happy Days, one & all!

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