Saturday, November 06, 2010


China is causing some alarm in the Asia-Pacific region these past decade or so~.

China, one of the biggest [by force?] countries in the world has been a bully. It has bullied its immediate neighbors like Nepal, Tibet and extending help to NoKor against Japan. It has also been involved in claiming islets half a globe away from its shores like the Spratlys.

Several days ago, a video footage apparently taken by three Japan Coast Guard patrol boats have found its way in YouTube showing how the "collision" really happened. But of course, China is protesting [as usual!] expressing its "concern" over its continuing strained relations.

In China, Chinese media reports that it was the Japan Coast Guard which rammed the chinese trawler. It was the other way around.

The video footage itself is damning. China can never recover and say theirs isn't at fault. It was the Chinese trawler which rammed into the JCG patrol boat despite repeated warnings in Chinese and Japanese languages. Masyadong mabait itong mga Japanese Coast Guard men. Everything by the book! Dapat diyan, binigyan ng gulpi de gulat at sipang de padyak para mabawasan ang kayabangan.

Pati ba naman ang Spratlys, kanila raw?

1.Youtube has the complete video footage
divided into 6 separate clips.

2.Click the pictures for bigger frames.

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