Sunday, November 29, 2009


I feel the same.
The same as before.
The same feeling we all had when the mole
started to make her presence felt by the Pasig.

Justice is absent in every move this sanabagan have been making,
not to mention the blah-blah lies her appointed
spokesperson lorelei has been announcing.
Like boss, like spokesperson.
Well, whaddya expect?

I've seen the pictures and the videos as well.
I notice that the suspect was not shackled, much less handcuffed
when he was supposedly-arrested in Mindanao
and even in detention in Manila's NBI HQ.
Why is that?

Any person who has access to news around the world would say
that it is standard procedure to handcuff any suspect
who has been arrested for a crime....any crime!
And the crime involved here is not just the ordinary stuff
but one that could surpass the Guinness Book of Records.
Imagine 57 dead? This is carnage of the highest level!

Becoz, as lorelei says, he is still friends with the mole?
That's what makes ordinary law-abiding citizen like me angry.
Why not treat him like a common criminal.
maybe "common" is not the exact term
becoz he is not an ordinary guy: he is a monster
just like his clan.

Justice is lacking despite the office of the justice secretary.

Allowing special treatment with warlords like the ampatuans
and other similar warlords in Mindanao invites other groups,
clans and gangs in other areas like Ilocos, Nueva Ecija/Vizcaya,
Isabela and many more to go on doing what they want
in order to control power.
All these with the blessings of the
number one gangster leader in Asia.

Is this what she wants to be remembered in history?

All things in life are passing.
We, mortals cannot bring whatever we have on this earth
to where we go when our body cease to live.

Someone wrote some lines that made an impact
on my life and I remember them well especially on days like these:

"A hundred years from now,
it will not matter what my house looks like,
the kind of cars I drove....
or how much money I had in the bank.
But the world may be different.....
because I was important
in the life of a child."

It could be a child...
or a person.
It doesn't matter.
But the difference is felt if we do something right,
no matter how small it may seem at first.

Justice is those small things we do that is right.
Leaders of a community have more impact on other people's lives.
It is they....whom people look up to.
Why don't they make things right?


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