Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Same feather

A friend called me and asked me about the news.
"What news?" I asked.

"That massacre...massacre in Mindanao!"
was his reply.

I was alarmed.
A couple of my kins are based in Mindanao.

Then I saw the news: I thought there was a mistake.
It couldn't happen to a supposed-to-be "free" country like ours.

It appears that these savages are friends of arroyo, the mole.

It took her allies to remind her to skip party alliances
and prosecute, if not condemn the perpetrators of this
horrendous carnage.

46? 46 died?

There's a war out there!

Somebody stop it before senseless killings continue.

It seems that padrino system prevents da mole to condemn the killings.
The savages delivered the numbers the last time da mole made
her own version of killing at the polling booth.

Same people, same ideas;
same league....same dirt.

Same feather?


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