Friday, November 20, 2009


The next election is just around the corner.
The filing of candidacy has begun and most nondescript "candidates" who are,
actually all nuisance candidates have filed their COCs the other day.
Golly, most bear "names" only they, or their mothers....can fully understand.

Some people like BF and Dick with a "G"
have refused to be daunted by

other 'big' candidates.

Villar has been using his wife's millions

to establish his name as the one to beat.

The 'mole's' anointed has teamed up with a game-show host.
Erap wants a comeback and wants his term finished.
Ahh...the call of fame and moolah is very hard to resist!

But I want change it must be!
Change for a better Philippines.
Hence, I am throwing my support for the candidacy of Noy Aquino.
Suffice it to say that I am supporting him and his Vice...

but never on those balimbings who want to dance
~at the last minute~ with the winning team.

I hate recto and his balimbing ways.
I don't like him a bit....changing his loyalty as fast as he changed parties!
He vats VAT and now he wants change?

Neither do I like this joker who was as "bad" as was his word.
He was a "changed" man in so many ways.
Not the change I want in a man.
But changed his color where money thrives.

But I like a candidate who has integrity and goodness in his heart.
Whatever detractors say...
I like Noy A. to take in charge of the country
For the next six years.


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