Wednesday, September 06, 2006


...and so she must face
the final curtain....
Recent news and developments in Inag Bayan
sends some signal:
IS it the beginning of the end of gloria and her minions?
Human Right advocates have repeatedly called on glue to
stop the spate of kilings and disappearances of students, activists, lay leaders
and most of all, journalists who have spoken against arroyo and her ' legion.'
Not only that, foreign governments also, have
made calls..."request" to quote some,
to do something to stop these crimes.
Lately, the "secret" bank accounts of gloria and her esposo dorobo,
have been exposed, thereby making gloria's secret,
" NOT a secret anymore!"
Altho the first gagoPig has made that trip to Germany along with
a handful of tutas and his lawyer to get that certification,
the numbers of which were different from what Cong. Cayetano
has stated. Hence, a waste of time and money.
gloria, as usual, after a long hiatus,
proclaimed in a press statement, that
Cayetano must apologize to the first family
[the first, indeed! in kasinungalingan!]
for staining their reputation.
I say, what reputation?
Meron pa bang maganda sa kanilang
sin verguenza familia?
Que horror!
ALL things in this world has an end.
And to those who live dangerously,
comes an equally dangerous end.
Gloria's end must be near.
All signs are there.
I await with faith and hope
until she leaves the seat
that is not hers, anyway,
in the first place.

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