Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Round and round the Garden......Like a Teddy Bear!

Been here for how many days? 10 or so...I believe, but I still have not gained enough equilibrum to start writing.

I've been meaning to, these past few days. Yet, I can't find the time to sit down and write something. Oh yes! there are many things going on in my mind and have been wanting to write 'em all down, but still..........

First I don't feel organized yet. So many things to do, so many things to read...and so many things to arrange. The house was in a mess, with Lolo and his garbage strewn all over. The mailbox is loaded with unread mails which needs more time to read. And there's the usual daily chores I need to fulfill so I can live decently in this place I now call "mine".....Oh! whatever!

Besides, my attention has been focused involuntarily, I suppose, to that new tube.
The old one just went pfffttttt!!!,Lolo said and so he just have to ask his favorite DENKI-ya San [Appliance Store] nearby to get him a new one. This time a 37-inch flat-screened Plasma TV with all those BS, CS, Digital connections along with it.

The movies are endless and my eyes always revert back to the tube once I am seated behind my PC screen. Perhaps because I have deprived myself of going to moviehouses since I lived here. I have only watched re-runs and all those stuff.

So in-between those movies and surfing the mails that have been there since half of December last year, I have to make house, cook meals, shop for groceries and work a little.

The SY is about to end and I need to re-program my schedule for the next SY.
I need to go to the local City Office for the next assignment, I guess.

Anyway.....perdone mi!

Catch you up later,........

.......this one looks like a suspense.


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